Заходи к нам и ночью и днем,
А не придешь - так мы поймем:
Боишься, что и мы потом
К тебе когда-нибудь придем.

Come to us both day and night,
But if you won't come - that's all right:
We'll understand you don't want us,
To show up at your doorsteps once.

Кер безгә төн һәм көндез,
Ә кермәсәң, белербез без:
Куркасың ки без бер көнне
Синең кагырбыз ишекне.

Mа porte est toujours ouvert,
Si tu ne viens, j'ai pas surpris:
La peur est fort qu'un jour viendra
Et il y aura quelqu'un chez toi.

Kapım sana daima açık,
Girmez isen sorar dünyam:
Korkarsın mı gelir bir gün
Senin çalarız kapıyı?

Sei benvenuto a casa nostra sia di notte che di giorno
E sei non sarai venuto, potremo capirti:
Forse temi di vederci un giorno davanti alla casa tua.

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Welcome to the personal webpage of interpreter Farkhad Fatkullin!

I'm glad to meet you with the famous lines of the poet of Dagestan - Rasul Gamzatov, which are available to us thanks to work of renowned Soviet poetry translators.

I'm more of a science and business person, enjoying working with the current issues and thus I chose consecutive and simultaneous interpretation in these fields as my specialization. I'll be happy to help should you need interpretation or a recommendation of a professional.

Should you like to glimpse at me in different moments, feel free to take a look at my Open Albums

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