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Date and place of birth: 2.11.1979, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation.
Citizenship: Russian Federation
Familial status: married, daughter (2005) & son (2008)

Current activities:

* Teaching "Risk Management" course in English in the framework of Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute (RF) and State University of New York-Canton (USA) double-degree program. On contract since 14 February 2011.

* interpreter of translation sector, State Protocol Departmen of the Republic of Tatarstan Presidential Administration
Duties: consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. (retainer contract since 1 August 2006, service contract since 1st January 2011)

* Interpretation services (interpretation track record since 1999)

Other work experience
12.07-05.08: Fellowship to Tennessee General Assembly, Fiscal Review Committee & Office of Legislative Budget Analysis, Nashville, U.S.A.
2002-2004: interpreting cases of international adoption at Supreme Court of the Republic of Tatarstan
1997-2001: written translation: articles, monographies, business-plans, brochures, documents for permanent residence, study and work abroad

International experience
Turkey, U.S.A., Belarus, Europe, Australia, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Ukraine, Ivory Coast, Togo, U.K., S.Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, India.

Tatar, Russian, English - fluently;
French, Turkish, Italian - good spoken language.

2004-2008: Institute of Social and Humanitarian Knowledge, Kazan, faculty of interpretation.
1997-2002: Kazan State Finance Economics Institute, Economy of Enterprise - Finance management
1995-1997: Clayton High School, Missouri, USA.
1993-1997: Ertugrul Gazi Tatar-Turkish high school, Kazan
1986-1993: Kazan High school №123 with in-depth study of French language.

Refresher courses and professional conferences
November 2009: ISGZ, faculty of interpretation, seminar of Andrey P. Chuzhakin and Republic's first joint foreign language interpretation scholars, practitioners and students conference
September 2009: Moscow, "Contrast" translation agency, international conference of Russian translators and interpreters
2007, January-March: Moscow International school of translation and interpretation, simultaneous interpretation refresher course

Other experience: examples of printed translations, achievements, hobbies, etc.


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