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Other experience: examples of printed translations, achievements, hobbies, etc.

Examples of printed translations
1. SHY/MEL International course & research materials /from English, Italian, French/
2. Investment project business-plan for Vasilyevsky health-resort /into English/
3. Booklets of NGO"New Century" /into English/
4. Monography"Not the prophesy, but truth" by Rabyt Batulla /into English/
5. Monography"Russia-EC relationships" /into English/
6. Documentation of the Institute for the Culture of Peace (Kazan) by Engel Tagirov /into English/
7. A set of projects for "Audit-Consulting" group /into English/
8. Product passport for"Mineral drinking water "Livadia". /into English/
9. Business-plan of corporate information system development at PEO "Tatenergo" /into English/
10. Tatar Academy of Sciences "Artificial Intelligence" laboratory report on Tatarification of MS Windows /into English/
11. Documents into historical review"Sadri Maksoudi: his heritage and the present" /from French and English/
12. Reports of Dialogue-Investments company /into English/
13. The addresses of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan

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Educational achievements
1. Ceftificate of participation in 1999 KSFEI student Mathematics week
2. English-Turkish translator certificate from Tatar-Turkish high school
3. TOEFL - 630/677 (April 1997)
4. Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of US Department of State (ex-USIA) of participation in FSA FLEX international high-school exchange program in 1995-1996.
5. Advanced Placement examinations for US colleges in 1996: AP Physics - 5, AP Chemistry - 5.
6. Winner of Republic's Physics competition among 9th graders in 1994-95 school year.
7. Among 10 best students of Tatar-Turkish high school participated in 2 week long program in Turkey in 1994.

* swimming and running
* growing Tatar section of Wikipedia with Holidays and observances (from Russian , English, French, Turkish and Italian sections)
* Communicational management

Other experience
2000-present: SHY international - International school of human abilities development
2002, October-December: web-design course of IATP "Project Harmony", Inc. (USA) in the national library of the Republic of Tatarstan
1999-2003: Various help to the researcher who came accros scientific principles of defining the meaning of the sounds of speech
Tatar youth movement camps - 1995, 1996 & 1998
1993-1995: Secondary level school of business"BINILEKT" in the structure of supplementary education system of Republic Tatarstan
SAMBO wrestling club - 5 years
Wood carving club - 2 years
3 years of School of Music
Cross-contry & mountain skiing, soccer, swimming, ping-pong & tennis
Familiar with Arabic alphabet, history of religions & norms of Islam

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